Women's Moderate Cushion Crew Hiking Socks (3 Pairs) | LTHW

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By Thorlo

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The Thorlo Women's Moderate Cushion Crew Hiking Socks (3 Pairs) offer a convenient and value-packed solution for women who love hiking and outdoor adventures. These socks are designed with special engineering to provide protection and comfort for women who are prone to blisters, foot pain, or discomfort during hikes. Whether you're a seasoned hiker or just starting to explore the outdoors, these socks aim to enhance your hiking experience by reducing discomfort and promoting an enjoyable adventure.

  • Engineered for women’s feet with extra stretch yarn in the ankle, a smaller heel pocket and a comfort toe box for a better fit.
  • Constructed with THORLON® blended with THOR•WICK® COOL fibers for superior softness, resilience, durability and extra moisture-wicking for drier, cooler feet.
  • Cushioned instep and arch for a better fit, more support and less pressure on the feet.
  • Fiber content: 65% THOR•WICK® COOL polyester, 15% nylon, 14% THOR•LON® Acrylic, 6% elastic.
  • Made in USA of domestic and imported yarns.
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