Since Thorlo's early beginnings in North Carolina, we've had our sights set on engineering the perfect sock, fit for every move. Threading care and human-first design into every stitch, we're devoted to making everyone's feet feel unstoppable. It's care from every angle – and momentum you can feel – for movers of every kind.

Our Values

Care for Bodies

We are allies in health, starting with feet.

All that we do and all that we make is driven by our desire to continually elevate the ergonomic, protective, and performative capabilities of sock wear. Thorlo is, and always will be, the brand that advances the highest standard of foot and body care.

Care for Creativity

We pride ourselves on innovating every day.

We show up with a powerful creative ambition that has ensured our category leadership for generations. We live to create and never back down from a challenge to build a better way.

Care for Details

Every detail truly matters.

We approach everything we do with intention and purpose. Across the design, engineering, manufacturing, and testing process we work tirelessly to ensure every stitch reflects our pride and our passion. Thorlo ambition is to always exceed expectation.

Care for People

We are driven by a passion for people.

From our team to the people and athletes we serve, everything we do is focused on empowering our community to achieve their highest potential in all that they aspire to.

Over the years, our socks have reigned supreme because of our human centric science. Our knitwear know-how gives us credibility and makes us a legacy leader; from calf to toe, we know sockwear like no one else—and its potential to change lives. Our messaging puts this innovation front and center, always inspiring but never over-complicating our story.

Our core Engineered Padded Technology™ is adjusted based on foot kinetics consistent with the anatomy of the foot. Our padding density is customized to each part of the foot, with the most density in the ball and heel to protect against extreme impact and reduce the causes of foot aches and pain. The padding will also be particularly dense where your foot experiences peak friction or shearing forces to fight off blisters, pressure, and discomfort. Lighter padding is used in the arch for a contoured and secure fit.

We're glad your feet have found us.

For movers of every kind.