Our unique resilient cushioning pads positioned at the right place for each activity, provide maximum impact protection to your feet and back. The padding density is customized to each part of the foot, with the most density in the ball and heel to protect against extreme impact and reduce the causes of foot aches and pain.

The padding is particularly dense where your foot experiences peak friction or shearing forces to fight off blisters, pressure, and discomfort. Lighter padding is used in the arch for a contoured and secure fit

Our core Engineered Padded Technology™ is adjusted based on foot kinetics consistent with the anatomy of the foot. 



We use our exclusive THORLON® fiber (extremely hydrophobic) and other proprietary yarn blends and fabrics to wick moisture away, to keep your feet dry and healthy.

On some of our performance products, we're also using the CUTEC29 Copper Infused antibacterial fiber



Proudly made in North Carolina - USA, Thorlo socks are built to last.

Exclusive fibers and proprietary construction make our socks high quality and durable.

Thorlo socks will not lose their shape over repeated wash. You will love them for many years.


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