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Our experiences have led us to identify key elements of comfort: Pressure, Impact, Shear Force, Moisture, Circulation, and Temperature. The understanding of how these elements combine and interact is incorporated into our design and development processes, and it allows us to produce the ultimate in foot protection and comfort for you.

During all moving activities, your foot is subjected to three main forces: pressure, impact and shearing force. 

Pressure is the direct force applied to the surface of your feet when you place your weight on them. 

Impact is the sudden and forceful contact between your foot and the surface during walking, running, or other activities. 

When you walk, each foot absorbs an impact of approximately 1 ½ times your body weight. When you run, each foot absorbs approximately 3 to 4 times your body weight. You can imagine the toll that takes on your feet over the course of a lifetime!

Shearing Force is the movement of different layers of tissue in opposite directions. 

It occurs when your foot moves inside your shoe, and it causes the breakdown of tissues in your foot if not controlled or diminished in some way. (Hello, blisters!)

In addition, your feet can produce about 2 pints of sweat in a day. Moisture left in your shoes creates an environment for bacteria to grow, and compounds the effect of the three damaging forces on your feet.

The Thorlos® patented terry padding protects your feet from these forces. The padding reduces static pressure and impact, and diminishes shearing forces through what we call the Control Slide® phenomenon.

The terry padding moves under your feet and transfers movement from your foot to the terry padding itself. 

Thorlos proprietary yarn combinations (THOR·LON® Acrylic, THOR•WICK® COOL and other high tech fibers) wick moisture away from the foot. Surface moisture and water vapor are effectively channeled to the outside of the foot where they can be evacuated through the shoes. 

This combination of moisture management and the reduction of pressure, impact and shearing forces reduces fatigue, and helps you to enjoy your sport or activity longer, with the confidence that your feet are protected by the best foot gear available today.

Only Thorlos have peer-reviewed, published medical studies that confirm these benefits of pressure, impact and shearing reduction, as well as a study that shows the benefit of enhanced circulation in the lower extremities from wearing Thorlos.

The knowledge gained from these and other medical studies , as well as anecdotal evidence collected over more than 20 years, has been combined in THOR·LO Comfort·Science®.

While cotton is cool and breathable, in the closed environment of your shoe, it becomes the enemy of the foot. 

Cotton is what is called a hydrophilic fiber - it attracts and absorbs moisture. As the cotton fiber gets wet, the fabric collapses and loses all of its protective capabilities and can lead to blisters and discomfort. 

This is why you will NOT find cotton in Thorlos, except in the tops of a few of our styles (but never in the foot). We put it in the tops to help absorb perspiration that may run down the leg before it gets into the shoe or boot.

Wool is also a great fiber but unfortunately, is easily abraded and not particularly durable. It tends to absorb water and will dry fairly quickly when exposed to the air; but again, in the closed environment of a shoe, the fabric collapses, and it loses its protective capabilities. 

Many of the Thorlos outdoor products have some wool content; but we blend wool with other high performance fibers that retain their protective resilience to provide insulating capabilities without sacrificing protection and durability.

Sometimes, yes. Thorlos offer various levels of padded protection to provide appropriate levels of protection for activities in which you participate. It is important that the shoes you wear are large enough to accommodate the extra thickness of Thorlos. Check out our detailed Fit Guide to see what size is right for you.

Head over to our detailed Fit Guide to help you find your proper style and size.

Our Fit Guide will explain which styles best suit your needs.

Thorlos Comfort Guarantee™

The Thorlos Comfort Guarantee is a 30-day risk-free trial. We promise our socks feel better, provide comfort, and offer more support than your regular socks or your money back. 

Take 30 days to wear them at home (take a walk, not a run!) and if you decide that your feet are less comfortable in Thorlos, we will issue a full refund. Products must be unwashed and in good, clean condition.

To start a refund, please click here to begin the process.

Please note: Thorlos do not have a durability warranty. No product made from textile fibers is indestructible. For best results, we recommend a minimum of a three pair 'rotation' (one pair on your feet, one pair ready in your sock drawer, and one pair in the wash at any given time). We also recommend that you follow the fitting tips and care and laundering instructions. 

For any other return issues contact us or call us at 888-846-7567 and we’ll be happy to help!

Care Instructions

Wash and dry your Thorlos inside out to keep the terry padding fluffed and ready for your next wear.

Wash with like colors, in warm or cold water, and on permanent press or gentle cycle.

Do not use chlorinated bleach, or laundry detergents containing chlorinated bleaching agents. Use of these agents results in fiber deterioration as well as breakdown of the spandex and loss of elasticity.

Tumble dry on low heat.

Liquid fabric softener during rinse cycle is recommended.

Fabric softener lubricates the fibers and elastic to maintain size, stretch and durability. 

Fabric softener sheets in the dryer help reduce static but are NOT a substitute for using liquid fabric softener.

In rare cases, a loose end of spandex may work itself to the outside of the sock. This is not a product defect. Do not pull the elastic because it can cause unraveling. Simply clip it with scissors before wash to prevent premature pulling, breaking or unraveling.

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