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“Thick and thin in all the right spots.” - Tyler, Portland OR
“The Thorlos sock is the most comfortable sock I've ever worn.”  - Hal, Lincoln CA.
“Keep my feet dry.”  - Joan, Mequon WI
 “Long lasting, I've had several pairs last 10 years with hundreds of miles on them.” - Richard, Boulder Creek CA
“Oh my goodness, the everyday socks are sooo comfortable. Your socks never wear out. I've had some since 1996!” - Lisa, Miami Beach FL
“They are awesome!” - Paula, Carollton TX
“Made in America!” - Diane, Agoura Hills CA
“They never roll, they’re high, they last.” - Barbara, Bolton CT
“The cushioning really helps with my knee and back problems. I can go through my day at normal activity levels and not have pain at night.” - Brian,  Eugene OR
“Well made, last long.” - Gail, Lafayette LA.
“They are great socks. They have good cushioning for being on your feet all day, and they last for a long time! Also, the hiking socks are really comfortable even after a long hike!” - Richard, Louisville KY
“Excellent quality.” - Adolfo, San Antonio TX.
“Very durable and high quality.” - Lee, Madison WI
“They are very comfortable and protect my feet.” - Marvin, San Antonio TX
“Quality, longevity, and made in NC.” - Gwyn, Kernersvill NC