12-Hour Shift Work Maximum Cushion Crew - WCXU

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Great socks but took forever to get them

Although I absolutely love Thorlo socks and have been a big fan for many years and as a busy nurse (retired now) I wore Thorlo socks exclusively. I continued to love Thorlo socks but have a hard time finding them in brick and mortar stores here. Because of that, and wanting a new supply of my favorite socks, I ordered them online. I placed my original order on October 28, 2020 and did not, FINALLY, receive the last of the 6 pairs I ordered until January 15, 2021, almost 3 months later. Totally unacceptable! And yes, I know some shipping has been delayed “because of COVID”, but I have had no problems receiving the MANY, MANY other items I have ordered in the past several months! So, YES, I do love Thorlo socks but was extremely disappointed with how long it took me to get them!!!!!

Great socks for warehouse work

I've been wearing thorlos for several years now. My feet were starting to ache a bit as I've started working 10 to 12 hour days. I used the thorlo guide which led me to these. My feet no longer hurt even after 12 plus hours of work.

Walking/Standing on clouds

I made a great investment when I bought a pair of these socks. I felt very comfortable all day and my back felt great after work. I'm planning to buy more pairs on payday.

Definitely push the blood back up my legs

They are tight with less "plush" padding than I'd understood from the marketing copy. These are good socks. They are not what I'd choose as an elder to comfort my feet.

So comfortable all day!

I work in health care and I am on my feet a lot and walking around the hospital. I love these socks - all day comfort and gentle compression that is not excessive.

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