Running Maximum Cushion Ankle - JMX

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Color: White/Navy
Size: L
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Money-saving, comfortable heaven for the working man.

I've been wearing these since '07. I drive a truck, do oilfield work, run big equipment, all of which are hell on socks. My first full length pair lasted 11 years, 11 years of hell. Oilfield trucks are often hell on the left foot. Too many miles, too old and the clutches are like pushing a bull through a trailer door. Boots, really good boots, last a year and the left one is worn out. These things have saved my life for more than a decades and they just keep on keeping on. They let the sweat go through when you have good boots that let the sweat go too.

I used to go through a pair of regular cotton socks in 2 days at times. When I got a chance to not constantly shift they'd last a month.....maybe. I went through all sorts of brands and get slightly better results. I just tried a pair of these one day even though they were expensive. I couldn't believe the comfort nor the durability. They were the best thing in my lift including heavy Wranglers, all the HD shirts, everything I wore. If you need some comfort and work hard, this sock can't be beat.

Best sock ever

Been waiting for years

Best sock ever

Been waiting for years

Great for exercising and everyday wear.

Soft, most cushion and very comfortable. No longer have heel pain. I wear these when exercising and normal wear during the day. The best.

Best socks for athletics

Since discovering Thorlo about 30 years ago, I would not purchase any other sock for my athletic activities. My shoes are comfortable and blister free right out of the box with these socks, for tennis, jogging, walking or any other activity. Because of the thickness of the sock, you might need to consider buying a larger shoe, but it is worth it for me.

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