Skiing Light Cushion Over-Calf - XSKI - 47% THOR•WICK® WARM

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Color: Charged Raven
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lots of comfort

I actually haven't used these to ski. Instead, I use them with some rain boots which the top edge hit my shins as I walk. This provides enough padding that I don't get a mark/bruise. Awesome!

Great socks - bad elastic on top

My feet are really comfortable in these socks. I wear them pretty much every day to work in a pair of expensive Crispi hiking boots. It's great that they're tall and the tops don't generally disappear down into my boots. However, after only a week of wear, the elastic on the top of the sock is already getting loose. So I still find myself having to yank them up every half an hour. The front padding on these is great though - although designed for a snowboard/ski boot, the padding feels great in my hikers.


They keep feet nice and warm

Only good for Spring Skiing and Spring Motorcycling. No cushioning underfoot :(

This new redesign socks totally missed the mark and are only good for Spring Skiing and Spring Motorcycling. If you sweat and like a thin dress sock these are perfect for you. There is no cushioning underfoot which I need and desire.

Discontinued: (�Original� XSKI Extreme Ski) & (SLW Ski Wool/Silk) bring my favorite socks back!

NOTE: Thorlo�s generally are more thicker have more cushioning under foot then on other sock brands and that's why I like and swear by them. BUT the NEW 2016 Redesigned XSKI Ski Socks is an utter let down and is just a complet disappointment, and is totally useable for me for downhill skiing and winter motorcycling :( They're not substantial enough, they have half the amount of fabric ate the previous model so they're NOT going to be nearly as warm by any means. Also another huge negative is there is NO cushioning on the bottom of the foot., Discontinued: (�Original� XSKI Extreme Ski) Color: Charcoal/Black. They're were/are awesome for; Winter Hiking, Downhill Skiing, Shoveling Snow and Winter Motorcycling! These socks were and are so awesome that I didn't evening have to wear long-johns under my jeans for winter beach hikes. Discontinued: (XWXU Experia Wool Silk Crew) Color: Charcoal. They're were/are awesome for; Hiking, Fall/Winter Trail Walking/Running and for Fall/Winter Casual daily use! They had/have a great temperature range, if you're cold you pulled them up and if you got warm all you have to do was roll them down then you are all good to go! I do wish there were 1� inch taller, otherwise they were/are perfect! Discontinued: (SLW Ski Wool/Silk Socks) Color: Black. They're were/are awesome for; Fall/Winter Hiking, Downhill Skiing, Shoveling Snow and Winter Motorcycling and Winter Casual daily use! I wish there were 1� inch taller due to shrinkage. Discontinued: (WLTH Light Hiking Socks) Color: Charcoal. They're were/are awesome for; Fall/Winter Hiking, Shoveling Snow and Winter Casual daily use! I wish there were 1� inch taller. Thorlo PLEASE update and bring my favorite socks back!!! ATTN: Thorlo�s Marketing Department, you need to give a great product a chance to catch on and sometimes that takes time. Sincerely, A loyal and totally bummed Thorlo sock end-user. GearFreakNY

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