Skiing Light Cushion Over-Calf - XSKI - 47% THOR•WICK® WARM

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Color: Charged Raven
Size: S
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Awesome Socks

For skiing in a low volume custom fit boot these socks are perfect. That is what XSKI socks are designed for (hence the name). I wouldn't recommend any changes. Tholos, if you are listening, please keep producing this sock as is. I would highly recommend to anyone using for high level skiing in a low volume boot. I see some negative reviews where people are not using these socks for the intended purpose. If you are riding motorcycles, hiking, etc and desire more cushioning these socks may not be for you. Select a different model.

lots of comfort

I actually haven't used these to ski. Instead, I use them with some rain boots which the top edge hit my shins as I walk. This provides enough padding that I don't get a mark/bruise. Awesome!

Great socks - bad elastic on top

My feet are really comfortable in these socks. I wear them pretty much every day to work in a pair of expensive Crispi hiking boots. It's great that they're tall and the tops don't generally disappear down into my boots. However, after only a week of wear, the elastic on the top of the sock is already getting loose. So I still find myself having to yank them up every half an hour. The front padding on these is great though - although designed for a snowboard/ski boot, the padding feels great in my hikers.


They keep feet nice and warm

Only good for Spring Skiing and Spring Motorcycling. No cushioning underfoot :(

This new redesign socks totally missed the mark and are only good for Spring Skiing and Spring Motorcycling. If you sweat and like a thin dress sock these are perfect for you. There is no cushioning underfoot which I need and desire.

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