Western Boot Light Cushion Over-Calf - TWL

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Color: Black
Size: M
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Boot socks are great

These socks have some cushion and the over the calf style stay put, no tugging socks up all day!

western boot sock

I have another sock from Thorlos that is "thicker" and more padded. Those socks have taken years of wear, they seem to be pretty well constructed and up for years more of "wear and tear" (follow the washing instructions!). The western boot sock is considerably thinner. I've only had them for about a month, and have only worn them a half-dozen times or so. I still follow the specific washing instructions, but given how thin they are, I question whether they'll still be around years from now, like my other Thorlos socks. The "over the calf" boot socks I got do stay put, no falling down at all. In that regard, they're great! I suppose time will tell however .....

Great Cowboy boot and work boot socks

They are very comfortable and not too thick or bulky in dress cowboy boost.

First time for this style.

These are thinner than the other styles I have bought. Now I know. Maybe good with some tighter fitting boots in summer.

High Performance Sock

I am a Firefighter in southern California and need a sock that I can wear with my day to day station boots. When I respond to a Structure Fire or a Brush Fire, I don't have time to change socks, so my Thorlos must perform under these conditions as well. When wearing structural firefighting gear, I need a sock that will stay up on my leg, because that type of gear makes it impossible to simply reach down and pull them up, they need to hold up to intense sweat and dry as quickly as possible. My Thorlos meet those demands perfectly. On a Brush Fire, I need socks that stay up, handle moisture and also provide support. Again, the Thorlos I wear exceed expectations. These socks also last longer than any sock I own and considering what I put them through, that is saying a lot. I pay a little more for these socks compared to similar brands, but considering how well they perform and how long they last they really are an excellent value.

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