Engineered Foot Protection

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  • Constructed with THOR•LON® fibers for superior softness, resilience, durability and moisture-wicking for drier, better feeling feet.

  • Low profile toe seam won’t rub or irritate feet.

  • Exclusive padding in the ball and heel specifically engineered for active casual wear. Clinically shown to reduce blisters, pain, pressures and moisture for maximum protection.

  • Cushioned arch for a better fit, more support and less pressure on the foot for more comfort.

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For Feet That Hurt

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For Feet That Do Not Hurt

During or after your activity

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Your Feet Will Feel Better Or Your Money Back®

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Clinically-Tested Padded Socks For Feet That Hurt

What if Your Feet Didn’t Hurt?

You love to be active. You enjoy mall walking, wandering through museums, antiquing, sightseeing. You prefer to walk to the grocery store instead of driving, take the stairs instead of the escalator, take an evening stroll instead of sitting in front of the TV. But sometimes your feet say “No way”! That’s where Thorlos MORE Casual Comfort come in: These clinically-tested padded socks (CTPS) for men and for women let you do all these activities incredibly comfortably. MORE CTPS—unlike any other casual socks—enables you to be more active all day in your casual activities and do more of the things you want to do and love to do!

Why Clinically-Tested Padded Casual Socks

MORE Casual Comfort® CTPS is the newest member of the Thorlos line of foot protection padded sock products. Designed for feet that hurt during or after your usual daily schedule of activities, MORE provides Profound Comfort® as a result of two design features:

  • Thorlos engineered padding, Our padding is clinically shown to reduce foot aches and pain, blisters, and the pressures, friction and moisture that sets the stage for blisters and many other foot conditions. This unique padding provides dense cushioned support to cushion and protect the bottom of feet that have lost some or all of your natural fat pad soft tissues, which occurs naturally with time and activity. Padding is positioned in exactly the right anatomical places to provide protection for the ball and heel so your feet feel well cushioned and comfortable.
  • 13 different sock sizes. Each pair of men’s socks and women’s socks matches a specific shoe size, assuring optimal foot protection and a perfect fit! As far we know, this is the first time in the history of sock making that such an extensive range of sizes has been offered.

Thorlos clinically-tested padding in a padded sock that’s perfectly sized for your foot means you will enjoy and benefit from MORE Casual Comfort CTPS because the protection—padding in just the right places to help protect against pain and other foot conditions—and fit have been optimized.

Thorlos MORE Casual Comfort CTPS are not only made for specific shoe sizes; they also are made in specific styles for women and men. The women’s design includes a smaller heel pocket, a custom toe box and extra stretch yarn in the ankle so the sock stays up during instead of slipping down into the shoe. MORE Casual Comfort for men come in crew and mini-crew lengths; MORE for women are available in crew and micro-mini lengths. Colors: black and khaki.

Curious but not yet convinced whether Thorlos CTPS can help you address your foot pain? We invite you to try your first pair free…just paying shipping and handling.

Click this link to see our FIRST PAIR FREE OFFER.

Lite Padded Socks

If your feet don’t hurt during or after your usual daily activities, we recommend our Everyday Comfort Lite Padded Socks (LPS), in styles for women (ECCXW) and men (ECCXM).

American Made Craftsmanship

All Thorlos are made in the USA.

Brand Promise Guarantee

Try Thorlos padded socks for 30 days. If your feet don’t feel better than when wearing regular socks, we’ll refund your money.

Reviews for Thorlos MORE CASUAL COMFORT

  • 5 out of 5

    Style: MAXW

    Favorite Socks

    05/28/16 | By

    These are my favorite pair of socks ever. Super soft and comfy, perfect cushioning and no blisters! Worth every penny!

  • 5 out of 5

    Style: MAXW

    Great socks for walking!

    05/27/16 | By

    I love the cushioning that Thorlo Socks have. I had a few of the crew walking socks but I lost one somehow. Therefore I was looking to replace them. This is not the same but it feels just as great. About all of my socks are Thorlos now.

  • 5 out of 5

    Style: MAXM

    Most comfortable socks for walking

    05/24/16 | By

    My feet are relaxed and there is no pain anywhere throughout my soul or toe areas.

  • 5 out of 5

    Style: MAXM

    A newer, slightly thinner version of the running Thorlo

    05/13/16 | By

    They're really incredible! I use them with my New Balance 574 shoes, which are made of stiff nubuck leather, and these really helped me break them in without the foot soreness that usually accompanies breaking in leather shoes. I like that they are a bit thinner than the Running Thorlos, which I have used religiously for 4 years, but still retain the all-black crew length look of the Basketball Thorlos, which I have used for about a year now. Despite the slight thinness, they are very comfortable and you can still feel the padding underneath your feet, which I always describe as "walking in grass", and they still feel protective. They fit great with shoes that fit with standard cotton socks, so you should totallly replace every sock in your drawer with Thorlos. They really, truly are that good!

  • 5 out of 5

    Style: MAXM

    Crew socks for every day use

    05/11/16 | By

    Do yourself a favor and get some of these you won't be sorry. They are well worth the money.

  • 5 out of 5

    Style: MACW

    cushy and cool

    05/08/16 | By

    Fabulous socks wash very well soft and cushy retain shape perfect fit too

  • 5 out of 5

    Style: MAXW

    Great Socks for Walking and Working Out

    05/07/16 | By

    Really liked these socks. They are thinner than other Thorlos that I have, so you can wear them with Boots for Work or running shoes for working out. Wish they came in more colors. Haven't washed them yet.

  • 5 out of 5

    Style: MAXW

    Soft, warm & comfy!

    05/02/16 | By

    My feet love these socks. I've had a few pair left from years ago, and they have taken me up the hills in Greece, through the streets of Europe, & through the forests of Vermont, among other journeys. I was so glad to find them again, & can't wait for my next order to arrive. Happy trails!!!

  • 5 out of 5

    Style: MAMM

    Great for work day.

    05/01/16 | By

    Very comfortable

  • 5 out of 5

    Style: MAXW

    Once you've tried them, you'll be hooked!

    04/28/16 | By

    These MAXW socks are wonderful. I don't even think about them when they're on my feet. They just quietly do their job. Truly a quality sock. I will be purchasing Thorlo for as long as I have feet.